(Photo) Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross

In honor of National Public Health Week, Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health students participated in the eighth annual Research Poster Symposium and Student Poster Contest.

First place was awarded to Jennifer Ross, M.S., for “Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Following a Pesticide Education Intervention in Webb County, Texas” (co-authors Leslie Cizmas, Ph.D.; Rodolfo Rincon, M.D., M.P.H.; and Thomas McDonald, Ph.D.). Ross is completing her Dr.P.H. in epidemiology and environmental health at the school.

(Photo) Niel Dalal

2nd place winner of the 2013 Research Poster Contest

Second place was awarded to Niel Dalal, M.B.B.S., for “Sex Related Differences in Cigarette Smoking Disclosure and Serum Cotinine Levels” (co-authors Anne Sweeney, Ph.D.; Germaine M. Buck Louis Ph.D., M.S.; Rajeshwari Sundaram, Ph.D.; and Jose Maisog, M.D.). Dalal is completing his M.P.H. in epidemiology.

Third place was awarded to Chinedum Ojinnaka, M.B.B.S., for “Factors associated with self-reported barriers to colonoscopy among low-income/underserved patients in a family medicine setting” (co-authors Jane Bolin, Ph.D., J.D., B.S.N.; David McClellan, M.D.; Janet Helduser, M.A.; and Phillip Nash, B.Sc.). Ojinnaka is completing her M.P.H. in health policy and management.

(Photo) Chinedum Ojinnaka

3rd place winner of the 2013 Research Poster Contest

The winners have been invited by the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health to submit abstracts for the 16th annual Student Poster Session through the Academic Public Health Caucus during the next American Public Health Association meeting, Nov. 2-6, 2013, in Boston.

— Rae Lynn Mitchell

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