VITAL RECORD asks the hard questions and humanizes medicine to drive the broader conversation. We deliver expert insight on the latest scientific breakthroughs in the life science community. We capitalize on savvy reporting and the ability to unmask the creativity behind health care. We speak to the big issues that affect human health. We’re shaping the landscape of a human health revolution.

What is Vital Record all about?
We hold health-related information to a higher standard. Long gone are the days of “we’ve always done it this way.” It’s time for genuine and actionable solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges. We connect you with industry influencers, advocates of health, ambassadors of change, policy makers and future generations of health care providers, in the arenas of health, advocacy and scientific discovery.

Who’s behind Vital Record?
VITAL RECORD is the digital newsroom of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center (Texas A&M Health). Headquartered in Bryan-College Station, Texas A&M Health is one of the most comprehensive and geographically dispersed health science centers in the nation. This multi-disciplinary model allows us to sift through the clutter and synthesize complex issues across dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and medical sciences, into practical and easy-to-digest health information.

Where’s the content coming from?
Our content runs the gamut in health care, from medicine to dentistry to public health (and everything in between). Through investigative reporting, we probe through scientific labs, delve into the clinical arena, examine global health issues and monitor industry hot beds to diagnose real answers to real questions. Turning research-based knowledge into practical application, we get inside the head of the health consumer and provide unique points of view to your most pressing questions.

Why do we call it Vital Record?
Medical jargon defines “vital signs” as the measurement of the body’s most basic functions. Taken to assess the general health of individuals, vitals give clues to possible ailments and show progress towards recovery. Therein, “vital” implies that these functions are not only essential, but also necessary for survival. That’s what VITAL RECORD is all about, quickly disseminating essential health information necessary to gauge the temperature of the current health care climate, forge new opportunities, and turn health discoveries of today into preventative measures of tomorrow.

Who’s working for Vital Record?
Ushering in a new era of educational communications, our team includes investigative reporters, content curators, visual storytellers, idea generators and marketing strategists who take a bold approach to the basic written word and multimedia. This hard-hitting and creatively unbound attitude is changing the way academic information is delivered by bringing readers inside the process from the very beginning, simplifying complex scientific issues, weighing in on the most talked about industry topics, empowering real people to take back their health, and rethink the way we talk about health care.

Who’s our audience?
Simple…our audience is you. Whether you’re a health care provider engrained in the industry, health policy hawk prescribing change, scientific guru driving revolutionary breakthroughs, or don’t know the difference between a femur and a tibia, our imaginative approach to health care means there’s something for everyone.

How can I follow Vital Record’s coverage?
We’ve created a pulsating newsroom with new content being published regularly. It’s an essential read for the health community that you should plan to visit often. In addition to visiting our site, we have a bi-weekly newsletter that you can sign up for here.