Appreciation Dinners Honor Faculty

July 20, 2010

Awards at the O.C. Cooper Preceptorship and Faculty Appreciation Dinner in Bryan

Texas A&M Health Science Center (HSC) College of Medicine faculty were honored at two events this spring for their contributions to the clinical education of College of Medicine students.  For the Bryan-College Station campus, the annual O.C. Cooper Preceptorship and Faculty Appreciation Dinner was held at the Brazos Cotton Exchange in downtown Bryan on May 6, 2010.  For the second consecutive year, a faculty appreciation dinner was held in Round Rock on June 4, 2010, and this year’s event was hosted at the new Round Rock HSC campus.

College of Medicine faculty and staff turned out in record numbers to celebrate.  In both Bryan and Round Rock, more than 60 faculty and staff attended each event.

In Bryan, awards were presented for the following:

  • Outstanding Pediatrics Rotation: Dr. Betty-Ann Svendsen
  • Outstanding OB/GYN Rotation: Dr. Ryan Walter
  • Outstanding Internal Medicine Rotation: Dr. Daniel Larsen
  • Outstanding Surgery Rotation: Dr. Bryan Parrent
  • Outstanding Family Medicine Rotation: Dr. James Sterling
  • Outstanding Psychiatry Rotation: Dr. Michael L. Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown (left) receives an award for Outstanding Psychiatry Rotation

For the second year, the Outstanding Fourth-Year Faculty of the Year award was presented, and the 2010 recipient was Dr. Daniel Larsen.

“Teaching is the foundation of what we’re doing here,” said Jonathan Friedman, M.D., former Associate Dean of the Bryan-College Station campus.  “Our mentorships are outstanding, and our students are so appreciative.”

In Round Rock, clerkship directors and regional department chairs were recognized, and medical students presented the following awards to faculty:

  • Outstanding Fourth-Year Elective: Dr. Steve Wilson in Orthopedic Surgery and Dr. Louis Lux in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care
  • Outstanding Pediatrics Rotation: Dr. Nimmi Thoppil
  • Outstanding OB/GYN Rotation: Dr. Michelle Irvin
  • Outstanding Internal Medicine Rotation: Dr. Louis Lux
  • Outstanding Surgery Rotation: Dr. Rodney Lewis
  • Outstanding Family Medicine Rotation: Dr. Kristi Heatley
  • Outstanding Psychiatry Rotation: Dr. Virginia Garay

Faculty gather at the new HSC Round Rock campus

“From private practice to multi-specialty group practice, you [the faculty] have dedicated yourselves to teaching our students,” said Kathryn J. Kotrla, M.D., Associate Dean for the Round Rock campus. “With remarkable dedication and enthusiasm, you offer our students one-on-one interaction with experienced clinicians and phenomenal opportunities for direct patient care and for this, we are grateful.”

M4 Lauren Schaub presents an award to Dr. Michelle Irvin

“Throughout the entire college, we could not do this without you, the faculty and staff,” said College of Medicine Interim Dean Dr. Edward Sherwood. “Tonight we offer our profound appreciation.  With your support, we can only get better.”

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