American Hospital Association Leader addresses students

January 30, 2013
Mr. Tucker Bonner

Mr. Tucker Bonner

Tucker Bonner, Regional Executive of the American Hospital Association (AHA), recently addressed the Association for Future Healthcare Leaders at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health.

As the primary AHA supervisor for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, Mr. Bonner shared his insights regarding not only the existing policy debates in Washington D.C. such as the residual fiscal cliff, but also topics even closer to home such as Texas Governor Rick Perry’s present decision to forgo Medicaid expansion.  Since Mr. Bonner has also served as a senior level executive for hospitals of varying sizes, he discussed both the obstacles he faced within those roles and the unique challenges he experienced as he transitioned to his current position, which requires a wider perspective and focus.

He urged students to maintain a high level of activity within professional healthcare organizations throughout their career, because remaining up-to-date with the timely knowledge these organizations offer will prove paramount to their success as future healthcare executive.

Mr. Bonner is former Chairman of the Texas Hospital Association.

— Rae Lynn Mitchell