Public Health Archives

Political and personal: the roles of private individuals in policymaking

June 17, 2019
Researchers study how private citizens change state laws about insurance coverage of autism spectrum disorder

EpiAssist reaches out to Rockport

June 10, 2019
Service learning program partners student volunteers with health departments and public health agencies needing assistance

Evaluating evidence of e-cig risks and benefits

June 6, 2019
Researchers investigate public health agency stances on e-cigarettes

Removing drugs from wastewater

June 3, 2019
Texas A&M environmental chemist and colleagues found a way to safely remove pharmaceuticals in urine during the water decontamination process

Why some states have more generous insurance mandates for autism

May 30, 2019
Citizen and state ideology determine generosity of autism insurance mandates

Investigating hospital readmission reduction efforts

May 27, 2019
Study analyzes the impact of various strategies on readmission rates at two leading Texas hospitals

Interdisciplinary team receives federal HRSA funding

May 24, 2019
HRSA planning grant allows team to work with communities, conducting needs assessments for future interventions targeting the opioid crisis

Graduating public health senior gives commencement address

May 10, 2019
From Broad Street Society trailblazer to commencement speaker, Emma Watson credits academic success to opportunities within her reach at School of Public Health

Texas A&M is first university in Texas using telehealth to tackle opioid epidemic

May 8, 2019
New telehealth program will bring specialist and team-based health care to patients with opioid dependencies