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COVID-19 hospitalization costs and outcomes in 2020 improved over time

January 3, 2022
First comprehensive analysis of hospital in-patient costs and length of stay underscores the immense burden of the pandemic on health care resources in America

Affordable Care Act saw no coverage changes during Trump administration

December 21, 2021
Study shows that despite the shift in administration, the gains in coverage that were documented in 2016 and earlier remained stable in 2017 and 2018

Using ergonomics to help reduce pain from technology use

December 16, 2021
Study indicates interventions are needed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders from using smartphones

Six recommendations for promoting COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

December 14, 2021
First report from the Lancet Commission on Vaccine Refusal, Acceptance, and Demand in the USA provides six recommendations for improving COVID-19 vaccine uptake

Burdine, Khan named 2020-2021 Regents Professor Award winners

December 13, 2021
Award honors exemplary Texas A&M faculty members for their contributions to the university and the people of Texas

What we know about the Omicron variant

December 6, 2021
A Texas A&M epidemiologist says the new variant carries concerning mutations, but when it comes to infectiousness and severity, only time will tell

Increased interest in public health leads to need for more faculty

November 30, 2021
Texas A&M School of Public Health embarking on two-year initiative to hire 16 new faculty members and scholars

School of Public Health students named Schweitzer Fellows

November 30, 2021
Awardees will spend a year learning to address the unmet health needs of vulnerable communities

Finding her passion

November 29, 2021
Despite a winding route, S. Camille Peres says she is right where she was meant to be