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Hospital closures affect people in rural and urban areas differently

April 12, 2022
Research shows that rural hospital closures impact access to care while urban hospital closures impact cost for commercially insured patients

Student-created start-up awarded $2.3 million from National Institutes of Health

April 1, 2022
Award will support the development and evaluation of a technology platform that provides resources for caregivers of people living with dementia

What you eat may help shape your personality

March 28, 2022
New study finds that distinct bacteria and metabolomes in the gut are associated with personality traits

The role of genes in prenatal responses to air pollution

March 22, 2022
Study results point to a possible mechanism through which ultrafine particulate matter can affect placental function and prenatal health

Texas A&M team creates a breakthrough model for helping patients with post-traumatic epilepsy

March 16, 2022
The experimental model represents a critical platform for developing new medicines for military persons with traumatic brain injuries

Large portion of people who leave their insurance plan re-enroll at a later date, study finds

March 15, 2022
Analysis of a large insurer shows that slightly more than one-third of people re-enrolled within five years of leaving

Introducing organs-on-chips to the lymph system

March 10, 2022
Engineering and medicine collaboration leads to creation of the first lymphangion-chip

Delaying health care

March 4, 2022
Two Texas A&M researchers find that one-third of adults, ages 18-64, decided to forgo or delay medical care early in the COVID-19 pandemic

Use of alert icons shown to worsen worker adherence to hazard statements

February 22, 2022
Research indicates hazard statements with alert icons in procedures could lead to dangerous incidents on the job