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Study: Pollutant levels after Hurricane Harvey exceeded lifetime cancer risk in some areas

March 22, 2021
Researchers analyze how flooding from Harvey increased exposure to harmful chemicals in the Manchester neighborhood of Houston

Texas A&M research uncovers first known COVID-19 UK variant in animals

March 17, 2021
The variant was detected in a dog and cat in Brazos County

Could a common diabetes drug slow down aging?

March 16, 2021
A drug that treats type 2 diabetes shows evidence of preventing age-related cognitive dysfunction

Social media a critical channel for emergency warnings

March 15, 2021
Study found people made decisions to shelter-in-place from social media, friends and family, but did not listen to sirens, the news, radio or the CodeRED system

Study: Asthma deaths more common among unemployed in Mexico

March 11, 2021
Researchers found notable state-by-state differences in asthma-related medical care in Mexico, with deaths more common among the unemployed

Caregivers’ attitudes toward fall alert devices

March 9, 2021
Study shows caregivers of those who used fall alert devices were much younger, less likely to be paid and providing fewer hours of care than those who did not use them

Air pollution’s impact on birth weight

March 5, 2021
Researchers find an association between prenatal exposure to ambient particulate matter air pollution and a decrease in birth weight

Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson’s in women

March 3, 2021
College of Medicine researchers find evidence for the use of a drug that reduces the loss of dopamine neurons in female animal models

Texas A&M signs research deal with Matica Biotechnology Inc.

March 3, 2021
Cell and gene therapy manufacturer adds to Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing's array of bio tech partners