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Shetty awarded Department of Defense grant for new research on Veterans with Gulf War illness

December 10, 2020
New collaborative work to likely provide evidence as to why Gulf War illness is worse for some veterans compared to others

Common denominators of children repeatedly hospitalized for asthma

December 4, 2020
Research findings could reduce preventable hospital readmission, improve quality of care and reduce health care costs

Environmental conditions may impact the spread of antibiotic resistance

December 3, 2020
Catastrophic events, such as flooding, may increase risk of exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Mitigating the impacts of excessive industrial pollutants following natural disasters

December 1, 2020
Research team that includes Garett Sansom receives EPA grant to study impacts and improve resiliency of communities that are affected

School violence: A preventable public health problem

November 23, 2020
School health curriculum interventions that change mental illness stigma could help reduce school violence and bullying for students with mental health problems

New grant to fund project on Gulf Coast human and ecosystem health

November 11, 2020
Research will result in first-of-its-kind assessment for identifying natural and nature-based infrastructure to reduce risk of flooding, contaminant release and exposure

Using automation to design written procedures for high-risk industries

November 6, 2020
Multidisciplinary Texas A&M team’s research receives Human Factors Prize

Chronic disease self-management education in the workplace

October 30, 2020
Study examines how a chronic disease self-management program adapted for the workplace impacted employee health behaviors

Iron compound can make your drinking water safer

October 29, 2020
Research group at the School of Public Health has discovered a way to decrease the number of toxic chemicals in drinking water