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Researcher develops new method for use in historical control trial designs

August 27, 2020
New method proves more effective and accurate in determining number of individuals needed for historical control trials than existing techniques

The COVID-19 social connectivity paradox

August 25, 2020
Physical distancing measures meant to protect older adults from COVID-19 could be simultaneously harmful to their health

Better serving vulnerable populations by investing in education

August 20, 2020
Experience in home country leads Wah Wah Myint to Texas A&M to increase her knowledge of health promotion and community health sciences

Better health care through algorithms

August 18, 2020
Predictive algorithm that identified patients for outreach programs reduced health care use and costs

Sansom awarded Research Fellowship by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Gulf Research Program

August 17, 2020
Fellows awarded $76,000 to pursue bold, nontraditional research that they otherwise might not be able to conduct

Saddle up: Public health researchers evaluate bikeability assessment tools

August 12, 2020
Study shows great improvement in methods for assessing the built environment in past two decades though more work still needed.

Peres appointed to National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Committee to Decrease Risk of Offshore Energy Operation

August 11, 2020
Committee aims to keep people and the environment safe as the Gulf of Mexico offshore energy industry evolves

When it comes to infectious diseases, new dean of School of Public Health is up for the challenge

July 31, 2020
Despite uncertain times, a “wonderful future” is ahead, he says

Medical folk wisdom: What is it and how does it affect public health?

July 28, 2020
The endorsement of widespread but factually inaccurate beliefs could impact health behavior and policy