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Antidepressants: What is the best medication for depression?

June 13, 2019
Learning about the different antidepressants and treatments for depression can help you become the best advocate for your mental health

Does hitting the snooze button really help you feel better?

June 13, 2019
It may serve to confuse the brain into starting the process of secreting more neurochemicals that cause sleep to occur

What to do if you get a snake bite

June 13, 2019
Remember to stay alert and immediately call for help if bitten by a snake

Susan Rudd Bailey named president-elect of American Medical Association

June 12, 2019
Texas A&M former student will be third consecutive woman to hold the office for one of the largest medical associations in the country

EpiAssist reaches out to Rockport

June 10, 2019
Service learning program partners student volunteers with health departments and public health agencies needing assistance

INFOGRAPHIC: Men’s Health 101

June 6, 2019
Having a conversation with your provider about your health can allow you to enjoy a long, healthy life!

Evaluating evidence of e-cig risks and benefits

June 6, 2019
Researchers investigate public health agency stances on e-cigarettes

How to properly use sunscreen

June 5, 2019
Despite buying the correct sunscreen and remembering to reapply, many people may find themselves with a painful sunburn during summer months

Removing drugs from wastewater

June 3, 2019
Texas A&M environmental chemist and colleagues found a way to safely remove pharmaceuticals in urine during the water decontamination process
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