College of Medicine students inducted into patient care honor society

30 students selected for the Gold Humanism Honor Society
September 25, 2018

Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) advocates for its members to embrace patient-centered care, and it has inducted 30 Texas A&M College of Medicine students in 2018. GHHS members are peer nominated, and the society has approximately 30,000 members in medical training and practice. 

GHHS is part of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, founded in 1988 by Arnold Gold, MD, his wife, and colleagues at Columbia University to nurture and preserve the tradition of a caring physician. The foundation works with health care professionals to ensure that the values of compassion, respect and empathy are passed on throughout medical care. GHHS membership signifies outstanding clinical and interpersonal skills for those in residency training programs. 

The following Texas A&M medical students have earned induction into GHHS:

  • Laura Baer
  • Jonathan Brewer
  • Ashlee Culver
  • Austin Dornon
  • Nadia El-Hamdi
  • Eileen Glocer
  • Laura Hancock
  • Daniel Hodges
  • Clayton Kruger
  • Spencer Martens
  • Claudia Martinez
  • Mariam Mehrafza
  • Emily Molina
  • Mohammad Murtuza
  • Manuela Ochoa
  • Adriana Ocon
  • Anjali Patel
  • Nitesh Patel
  • Yang Qiao
  • Alison Schildt
  • Nikhil Seth
  • Hollie Sheffield
  • Katya Strage
  • Hima Thota
  • Christian Trejo
  • Alexandria Vaio
  • Nida Virani
  • Alicia Whiteis
  • Lauren Wilding
  • Gelilla Zemmedhum

— Tamim Choudhury