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How to expect the unexpected: “Ozempic babies.” We spoke with board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Hector Chapa of @tamumedicine, to better understand what's behind the claims of improved fertility while taking the popular weight-loss medication, Ozempic, and other GLP-1 agonists. 

At the link in our bio, he provides an explanation for increased fertility, birth control efficacy and pregnancy safety when taking GLP-1 agonist medications, like Ozempic.

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🎆 We hope you have a fun, safe and healthy 4th of July holiday. Don't forget to hydrate! 🍉 💦
Have you ever considered that your medications might be making you more dehydrated?

This time of year, as the temperatures soar, it's especially important to stay adequately hydrated. 💦🔥 If you're on medications, Dr. Gabriel Neal suggests asking your health care provider if they put you at a higher risk for dehydration. If so, be even more diligent about drinking water while you're out in the heat. 

Enjoy this sunny weather, but stay safe! 😎 

If you need a health care provider, give us a call at Texas A&M Health Family Care. Appointments are available at our Bryan (📞 979.776.8440) and Navasota (📞 936.825.0755) locations.
What an honor to see our Integrated Behavioral Health program recognized by the White House! 🇺🇸 

The innovative program within @tamumedicine is working hard to help build a future where every American has access to the best available care when and where they need it. Its holistic, team-based approach allows patients to receive primary care and behavioral health care services in the same location at the Texas A&M Health Family Care clinics in Bryan and Navasota.

Learn more about how this team is leading the way in integrated behavioral health clinical service, training and research by clicking the link in our bio 🔗
It's officially summer! ☀️ Time to soak up plenty of vitamin D and sweet adventures—just don't forget to protect your skin!🧴

Prevent sunburn from ruining your fun with this advice from Dr. Neal. Pro tip: remember 6-10—the best time to spend outside in summer is during the golden hours in the morning between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., and in the evening between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Happy Father's Day to all the great father figures of the world! We hope your day is filled with all your favorite things—including the ones who get to call you "Dad"! 🥩 ⚾ 🎣 ⛳️ 🌾 🔧

#AggieDad #TAMUHealth #FathersDay

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