Hawes and Phillips among most highly cited researchers publishing in social sciences

June 18, 2013
Catherine Hawes, Ph.D.

Catherine Hawes, Ph.D.

Regents Professors Catherine Hawes, Ph.D, and Charles Phillips, Ph.D., M.P.H., of the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health have been recognized as among the top 250 most frequently cited researchers in the general social sciences.

Thomson Reuters recently released lists of researchers from around the world who have been cited the most times in publications over an eight year span. All research is divided among 21 categories, including social sciences, life sciences, medicine, engineering and others. Each category then lists the 250 most cited researchers for that category.

The Highly Cited Researcher process identifies influential researchers as those who have contributed to a significant number of the most highly cited publications in a field. Researchers listed represent about one-half of 1 percent of all researchers worldwide who are publishing in professional journals.

Charles Phillips, Ph.D. M.P.H.

Charles Phillips, Ph.D. M.P.H.

Drs. Hawes and Phillips are internationally recognized researchers in the fields of long-term care, health policy, and health services research, contributing a wealth of information to the scientific, healthcare, and advocacy communities.

“It is quite satisfying to learn that other scholars are using our work so frequently,” Dr. Phillips said. “Citations are, of course, just one of a variety of measures of one’s contribution to a field. Nonetheless, it is very nice for the two of us to be recognized in this way.”

— Rae Lynn Mitchell

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