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Texas A&M Health Talk, a production of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center, is your trusted source for entertaining and educational health news. We bring you expert advice and compelling insight on the latest in health, medicine and scientific discovery from across the globe. Whether you’re a health care provider ingrained in the industry, health policy hawk prescribing change, scientific guru driving revolutionary breakthroughs, or don’t know the difference between a femur and a tibia, Texas A&M Health Talk has something for everyone.

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Our Shows

Health Hullabaloo

Find out if that common health, diet and fitness claim is true or false with Mark Faries, PhD, who pits these claims against scientific evidence. Because research is greater than myth.

Pass it Back

Short on time? Tune in to hear the latest in health and medicine from around the globe—in one minute or less. To stay on top of medical happenings, Pass It Back!

Science Sound Off

Go beyond the journal articles and into the laboratory and the field as scientists share their discoveries—in a way everyone can understand. Science, explained.

Sounds Like Health

Listen in as our experts provide easy-to-digest information to improve your health in the modern world. Our Experts. Your Health.

The Vantage Point

Hear how experts are tackling some of the most pressing issues in health care. Because big issues demand serious solutions.

Work Factors

Ergonomics is at the center of every good workplace. Explore how this means more than your keyboard as experts examine health, safety and efficiencies on the job.

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