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Summer health issues_Feet relaxing in water

Summertime health

May 14, 2019

School is out for summer! A pediatric nurse practitioner discusses some common health issues that pop up during these hot summer months.

The importance of trust and honesty with your health care provider. Two adults, a patient and a physician sit across a table from each other and talk.

The importance of trust

April 23, 2019

Have you ever avoided a question at the doctor's office? A family nurse practitioner explains why you should be honest at your health care provider's office.

A man reclining on a white couch

Creating the perfect nap

April 9, 2019

Sleep specialist Steve Bender, DDS, gives some helpful tips on how to create the perfect nap with small changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment.

Sprains, strains or tears? Oh my!

March 26, 2019

Sprains, strains and tears happen, but do you know the difference? Martin Mufich at the Texas A&M College of Nursing explains what you need to know.

Surprisingly painful moments

March 5, 2019

Why does something as small as a paper cut hurt so much? Gabriel Neal, MD, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine, explains why superficial afflictions can cause so much pain.

Let’s Prepare for the Unexpected

February 19, 2019

Are you prepared if the unexpected strikes? Angela Clendenin, PhD, at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, and Martin Mufich, MSN, RN, at the Texas A&M College of Nursing, discuss some steps you can take to prepare yourself and those you love for a disaster.

Diabetes insulin equipment

Diabetes 101

February 5, 2019

Wendy Creighton, RN, BSN, with the Center for Population Health and Aging at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, discusses everything diabetes. She speaks about the different kinds of diabetes and risk factors as well as various management techniques.

Pills on blue background

Over-the-counter painkillers: What to take when

January 22, 2019

Ever wonder which over-the-counter pain reliever to take? Eric Grayson, PharmD, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, tells the do’s and the don’t’s for the pain relievers found in your medicine cabinet.

New year, same me?

January 1, 2019

Ever wonder how to make and keep your New Year's resolutions? Matt Hoffman, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Nursing, gives some helpful tips to pick the right kind of resolution for you.

Not your mother’s birth control

December 4, 2018

Hector Chapa, MD, FACOG, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine discusses the various myths and misconceptions about birth control. Which one is right for you?