Homebound Populations Addressed by SRPH

June 2, 2010

(Weslaco, TX) — SRPH faculty and staff from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics along with the Department of State Health Services Health Service Region 11, will host a “Homebound Special Needs – Emergency Preparedness  Conference” on June 2, 2010 in Weslaco, Texas.   This conference will address the homebound special-needs population before, during, and after a disaster.   This is a topic of particular importance to the Rio Grande Valley community – as this area has experienced a number of disasters over the last several years.

Dr. Scott Lillibridge

Dr. Scott Lillibridge

The conference presents an impressive list of speakers and more than 300 participants.  Legislators from this area will give their perspectives on how to improve this region’s disaster response.  Local health directors and emergency managers who have key roles and responsibilities in addressing the needs of this community will participate. Stakeholders such as 2-1-1 telephone services, home health care organizations, assisted living facilities, adult day care organizations, and along with members from Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and Health and Human Services Commission will be in attendance.  The effort is supported by funds from House Bill-1831 of the “Public Health Extension Pilot for South Texas” and is lead by Dr. Scott Lillibridge, Professor of Epidemiology and Assistant Dean- Houston Campus.

— Rae Lynn Mitchell