Introducing the NEW

April 22, 2010

new site

The HSC website has received a facelift. As a student, faculty or staff, you are getting an exclusive look at our new websites before they are launched for the entire world to see, this summer.

A New Design

Our website has a new design for a new era. Items are ordered for ease of access. Colors are displayed for meaning and connection. Besides maroon and gray you’ll see jewel tones. Colors reflecting our origins help with fundraising, research and education efforts. The introduction of new tones enhances our distinctive message and our unique look.

A New Dynamic

One major difference between our old and new websites is the use of more interactive features. When the site publicly launches this summer, you’ll notice news feeds, less static content and a site consistent with current web-design industry standards.

A New Direction

Changing the focus of our websites to audience access and interests is an attractive invitation to learn about the HSC. The sites are now our primary marketing tool, both in function and design. Our “window to the world,” the websites can tell our story and ask others to be part of it in a more meaningful way. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

Give Us Your Feedback

As our soft launch wraps up, we ask all students, faculty and staff to review content in your area for accuracy, and give us your feedback. If you have content questions, such as what to do about inaccurate information, contact your communications office. If you have technical questions, such as a broken link, contact your webmaster. This is your last chance to send feedback. Look for the feedback tab on the right side of any new website page, to send your feedback. To visit our new sites, look in the box above.

— Marketing & Communications