Keep your body in shape when hitting the road

June 15, 2010

road tripDriving a long way to a vacation spot this summer? To ease the strain on your body, consider some of the following suggestions from ergonomics expert Jerome Congleton, Ph.D., professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health.

“Before you begin driving, make certain the car seat is adjusted as comfortably as possible and that your glasses and sunglasses are clean and handy,” Dr. Congleton says. “Do not stay in your vehicle to eat meals, and park a good distance from the entrance to the restaurant to increase the walking distance to loosen tight, cramped muscles.”

Dr. Congleton also recommends using cruise control as much as possible and alternating hands on the steering wheel. Keep your hands lower on the steering wheel if you are comfortable and safe driving in this manner.

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