Major General Rubenstein’s Visit

June 14, 2011

Major General Rubenstein

Major General Rubenstein currently supervises the US Army Medical Department Center and School. His background includes an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Health Administration from Baylor University. He has earned many decorations and awards for his military service within the healthcare sector.

Major General Rubenstein visited Texas A&M Health Science Center at the School of Rural Public Health on May 5, 2011. His presentation titled “Thoughts from My Foxhole,” included personal accounts and reflections on military healthcare occurrences that have affected him as a leader. He emphasized his philosophy of healthcare leadership through a figurative archway and highlighted the qualities that leaders should possess. All the components of the archway essentially form how the leader should interact and support their subordinates and supervisors. Major General Rubenstein’s final inspiring thoughts included four basic aspects that involve being a leader in healthcare:

  • Take care of people
  • Take care of equipment
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Have fun!

— Rae Lynn Mitchell