National CIADM moving to Texas A&M HSC

September 10, 2013

therapiesTexas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp, today announced that the administration of the Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing will be transferring to the Texas A&M University Health Science Center.
“This move will enable necessary collaboration and integration of academic disciplines required for new discovery and innovation,” said Sharp. “We have a responsibility to be leaders in this enterprise and this is an innovative step in that direction.”
The Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM) is one of three centers established in June 2012 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to enhance the nation’s emergency preparedness against emerging infectious diseases, including pandemic influenza, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. The CIADM is founded on a $285.6 million public-private partnership, including $176.6 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with the remainder cost-shared by commercial and academic partners.
Administrative responsibility for CIADM, including technical and program management, will be transferred to TAMHSC. The A&M System will continue to be the prime contractor and remain responsible to the government for performing all contractual obligations, including providing appropriate oversight of the activities covered by the contract.
TAMHSC’s consolidation with Texas A&M provided a 10 percent increase in the university’s research expenditures. As CIADM unfolds, this additional move has the potential to propel TAMHSC from a fourth tier research institution to a second tier, roughly the equivalent of the long established University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.
“Moving the Center for Innovation to TAMHSC is an inspired decision by Chancellor Sharp,” said Brett Giroir, interim executive vice president for TAMHSC. “The goals of TAMHSC and the center are completely aligned, and each will be strengthened because of this new organizational structure.”
About the A&M System
The A&M System is one of the largest systems of higher education in the nation, with a budget of $3.8 billion. Through a statewide network of 11 universities, seven state agencies, two service units and a comprehensive health science center, the A&M System educates more than 125,000 students and makes more than 22 million additional educational contacts through service and outreach programs each year. Externally funded research expenditures exceed $780 million and help drive the state’s economy.
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— Blair Williamson

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