Ory to present on Nationwide Study of Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs

March 14, 2013
Marcia Ory, Ph.D.

Marcia Ory, Ph.D.

Regents and Distinguished Professor Marcia Ory, Ph.D. of the Texas A&M Health Science Center School (TAMHSC) School of Rural Public Health and others will present a webinar for the National Council on Aging on the results of a Nationwide Study of Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs (CDSMP).  The presenters will share the results of a major longitudinal study of 1,170 diverse CDSMP participants from 22 sites around the nation, with key study outcomes related to health status, health behaviors, and health care use. Close to 600 participants have registered to date for the webinar.

They will also present findings on the characteristics of workshops and the workshop leaders.  Other presenters include Nancy Whitelaw, Ph.D. (National Council on Aging), Kate Lorig, Dr.P.H. (Stanford University), Matthew Smith, Ph.D. (University of Georgia and Texas A&M Health Science Center).  TAMHSC-School of Rural Public Health served as lead evaluator on the project.  For more information about registration for the webinar visit our website.

— Rae Lynn Mitchell

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