Preventing Back Pain

September 29, 2003

The most common physical complaint among American adults is back pain, a leading cause of lost productivity in the workplace.
Back pain can occur anywhere along the vertebral column from many causes, including osteoarthritis; fibrositis; kidney infection; damage to spinal discs, joints, ligaments or muscles; and falls or other injuries.
One of the reasons adults suffer from back pain is that we have become sedentary creatures, spending the workday sitting at desks or work stations or traveling in motor vehicles. Walking or doing physical labor develops good muscle tone in backs and legs. People who sit most of the day lose that muscle tone, and their backs and abdomens are the first place to show it, and that shows up as back pain.
Plan to have an active lifestyle with normal activities that keep you on the go. If you work in a sedentary job, build several hours of walking or other physical activity into your weekly routine, with emphasis on toning up those muscles that keep your back strong. (Before you embark on any rigorous exercise plan, however, consult your physician.)

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