School of Public Health announces winners of National Public Health Week research poster contest

April 14, 2014

1st place winner was Brenda Bustillos pictured with Drs. Brender and Burdine

In honor of National Public Health Week, Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health students participated in the 9th annual research poster symposium and student poster contest. Winners were announced on April 9 by Jean Brender, Ph.D., RN, associate dean of research.

First place was awarded to Brenda Bustillos, M.S., RD, for her poster, “Development and implementation of a culturally and linguistically-centered nutrition education program for promotora researchers to foster community health education and outreach in Texas border colonias” (co-author: Joseph Sharkey, Ph.D., M.P.H., RD). Ms. Bustillos is completing her Dr.P.H. in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences.


2nd place winners were Ashley Shortz, Shinduk Lee, and Aya Yoshikawa pictured with Drs. Ory and Towne.

Second place was awarded to co-authors Shinduk Lee, Ashley Shortz, and Aya Yoshikawa for their jointly developed poster, “Evaluating multidimensional effects of A Matter of Balance volunteer lay-led model among community-dwelling older adults” (co-authors: Marcia Ory, Ph.D., M.P.H., Ranjana Mehta, Ph.D., Samuel Towne, Ph.D., M.P.H., Doris Howell, M.P.H., and Robert Pankey, Ed.D.). Shinduk Lee and Aya Yoshikawa are Dr.P.H. students in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences. Ashley Shortz is pursuing her M.S.P.H. in Environmental and Occupational Health.


Tied for 3rd place was Szu-hsuan Lin pictured with Drs. Burdine, Brender, Cote, McMaughan, and Radcliff

Tied for Third Place were Gregory Garrett, M.A., Szu-hsuan Lin, M.P.H., and Gregory Garrett presented “Influence of personality traits, locus of causality, and motivation of exercise adherence” (co-authors: Thomas Brinthaupt, Ph.D., Gloria Hamilton, Ph.D., and Minsoo Kang, Ph.D.). Szu-hsuan Lin presented, “Making a business case for infection control in nursing homes” (co-authors: Murray Côté, Ph.D., Tiffany Radcliff, Ph.D., Darcy McMaughan, Ph.D., and Charles Phillips, Ph.D.). Gregory Garrett is a Dr.P.H. student in Environmental and Occupational Health. Szu-hsuan Lin is a Ph.D. candidate in Health Policy and Management.


The other 3rd place winner was Gregory Garrett pictured with Drs. Brender, Benden, and Burdine.

The first and second place winners have been invited by the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health to submit abstracts for the 17th annual Student Poster Session through the Academic Public Health Caucus during the next American Public Health Association meeting, November 15-19, 2014, in New Orleans, LA.

— Rae Lynn Mitchell

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