September 2011 Administrative Updates

September 2, 2011

OIT implements changes to meet TAMHSC needs

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is offering a more personalized support experience for faculty, staff and students of the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC). Support technicians and walk-up areas are now available at every campus location.

For your convenience, OIT has compiled information regarding locations, hours and local contact numbers on its website —

OIT and the IT Support Services team strive to provide prompt, courteous service to everyone within TAMHSC. In an effort to continually improve, OIT has developed a feedback page available on its website so all users have the opportunity to comment on the quality and timeliness of service.

IT Support Services is available at 800-799-7HSC (7472) or by email at

New additions to OIT Web Services

OIT is pleased to announce the addition of lead webmaster Jeremy Tarpley to its staff.

Tarpley graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information and Operations Management. He has worked in information technology since 1999 – in the private sector, within his own business and at Texas A&M. In nine years at Texas A&M, Jeremy worked for the Department of Computer Science and the libraries. He is responsible for directing the TAMHSC web team as well as developing and maintaining university websites.

Darrell Wiggins, formerly of the Office of Marketing and Communications, has also joined OIT. His years of experience in web design and development will be most helpful as the team customizes services for TAMHSC administration, components and users.

Keith Marrocco has recently been hired in OIT as a web engineer. He formerly worked for the departments of Information Technology and Residence Life, as well as Computing and Information Services at Texas A&M.

Cynthia Kauder, technical communication specialist, will begin performing functions as Electronic Information Resources (EIR) accessibility coordinator. Just as TAMHSC’s buildings must be accessible to those with disabilities, so must the website. In her new role, she will guide and consult content management system (CMS) users with regard to web accessibility policies and procedures and ensure compliance throughout the TAMHSC.

The Web Services team, as well as OIT engineers and programmers, look forward to offering services that will make the website easier to navigate and even more appealing. OIT will work in conjunction with the Office of Marketing and Communications, other areas of administration and individual components to showcase our institution.

Keeping users informed about IT


The OIT mission is to be a trusted partner in teaching, learning and discovery, providing valuable information technology resources to faculty, staff and students. Communication with user groups throughout our institution is essential in this partnership.

OIT is implementing new methods to keep TAMHSC users aware of technology, services, initiatives, security issues, system alerts and much more.

OIT plans to keep users informed through:

  • A quarterly newsletter.
  • A notifications site containing system alerts and IT information.
  • Helpful tutorials to introduce new technologies.
  • Streamlined website information for faculty, staff and students.
  • The addition of social media outlets to expand communications capabilities.

Look for additional updates from OIT soon.

— Marketing & Communications