Back to School

5 checklist items for back-to-school health

August 16, 2019
Take steps to ensure your child has a healthy school year

Back to school: How to encourage healthy dental habits away from home

July 29, 2015

School is just around the corner, which means backpacks and packed lunches await your children. Whether it’s their first year at school or they’re already climbing the ranks, you want to ensure they are making healthy choices when it comes to lunch. However, one aspect you may not have considered when it comes to lunch options is dental health.

Basics of a healthy lunch box

July 1, 2015

Outfit for the first day? Check. Backpack? Check. Lunch box? Check. A nutritious lunch to pack in that new lunch box? Oops. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. But with childhood obesity levels more than tripling in the last 30 years, packing a nutritious lunch is becoming more and more essential, says the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing.

Managing your child’s ADHD

August 22, 2014

Getting back into the school routine can be a stressful time for any child, let alone those with learning or behavioral disorders. For children with ADHD, it can be difficult to focus in class. Managing your child's ADHD is a crucial step towards helping your child succeed in school.

Healthy teeth for kids: 3 pointers every parent should know

August 20, 2014

Make sure your child's dental health is as sparkling as his or her new school supplies in this back-to-school season.

Computers, smartphones and TVs: how electronics might be affecting your teen’s sleep

July 23, 2014

Natural blue light is emitted during the day, but most electronics also expose us to this wavelength of light. Recent research shows that artificial blue light has a delaying effect on our sleep cycle.