Birth Control

What to expect with a vasectomy

June 3, 2019
Questions like ‘how effective is a vasectomy?’ or ‘can a vasectomy be reversed?’ are commonly asked by patients

Birth control pills may increase risk of seizures

March 30, 2016
New study shows hormonal contraceptives can increase seizures in women with epilepsy

Nixing latex: Building the perfect condom with hydrogel, antioxidants

November 23, 2015
Texas A&M researcher sets out to create better condom—one that prevents HIV transmission and enhances sexual experience

What’s the right contraceptive for you?

June 2, 2015

Whatever your reason is for choosing birth control, there are multiple forms from which to pick. No matter what method you decide on, it’s important to make an informed decision so you can select the option that best fits your lifestyle.

The ultimate guide to contraceptives

April 30, 2015

Choosing a contraceptive that’s right for you can be difficult. With more than 10 to choose from it can be a daunting task trying to understand how age, lifestyle and personal preferences should or could play into your decision. This guide explores a variety of available options and ultimately helps you determine which contraceptive is right for you and your body.