Disaster Recovery

Medical care recovery and resiliency after disaster

May 15, 2018
New research sheds light on factors affecting health care after a hurricane

Texas A&M to study human-robotic interactions during Harvey recovery operations

October 17, 2017
Understanding the human element of disaster robot operation to improve response and recovery efforts

A whole community approach to disaster recovery

September 1, 2017
Protecting the public’s health from disasters

Responding to Harvey

September 1, 2017
How Health Science Center students, faculty and staff are serving those impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Community resilience: What happens after the storm

September 6, 2016
Texas A&M researcher studies how disasters affect communities and how quickly they can recover

Developing systematic ways of measuring disaster recovery process

February 22, 2016
Following a devastating hurricane, tropical storm or flooding, how does a community ensure they will be more resistant to damage the next time a natural disaster occurs?