Laws against texting while driving reduce emergency room visits

March 21, 2019
New research shows that primary bans on texting while driving prevent motor vehicle crash-related visits to emergency departments

Research on texting while driving shapes Texas law

June 15, 2018
Cars are safer than ever, but distracted drivers are still a danger on the roads

Aging drivers expected to impact transportation landscape

April 6, 2016
Texas A&M public health expert spearheads global research effort

Q&A: How the economy affects traffic fatalities

January 20, 2016
Motor vehicle deaths in 2016 could easily be upwards of 20 percent higher than they were in 2015

Cellphone bans across the U.S.

April 13, 2015

Texas is one of only five states in the U.S. that is without a full texting ban for all drivers. Studies have come to prove that having a texting ban greatly eliminates crash-related hospitalizations.

Holiday Driving Tips

December 18, 2013

The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit with family and friends. Adam Pickens, Ph.D., assistant professor and safety expert at the School of Rural Public Health offers travel tips for you to keep in mind to ensure a safe trip.