How to use dental floss for healthier teeth

May 3, 2019
Brushing alone cannot control plaque…read how to floss to get to the plaque between teeth

Infographic: Most common dental problems

May 5, 2017
Learn how to avoid them

Flossing 101: Tips for a healthy smile

November 13, 2015
“Brushing alone cannot control plaque; to get to all the plaque that finds its way between teeth, you need floss."

Information overload? We answer your most searched health questions

October 14, 2015

It’s no secret that we live in the age of information overload. With the world literally at your fingertips, procuring information has never been easier. But, when it comes to your general health, it’s hard to know which Internet diagnoses to trust and which to toss. We’ve compiled a list of current answers to today’s most searched online health questions.

Those who floss, and those who just say they do

September 3, 2015
When patients floss routinely, it's obvious.