Growing old gracefully and healthfully

May 26, 2016
Many of the negative stereotypes of life as an older person are not inevitable, expert says

The future of drug manufacturing: 3D printing may hold the key

April 14, 2016
How new technology may improve the safety and effectiveness of medications

Texas A&M Health Science Center partners with St. Joseph Health System to customize health and wellness care for seniors

April 29, 2015

New partnership will provide a forum for research to improve the unique health care techniques for aging populations and utilize a team approach to further the common mission of supporting the overall health and wellness of our community.

Fitting in Exercise: 4 tips for being active as you age

May 16, 2014

Not only can regular physical activity help manage diseases and thereby reduce medical costs, but it can also help older adults maintain their independence.

When prescription drugs cause adverse effects in the jaw

May 15, 2014

Attending a cancer support group presentation on the side effects of bisphosphonates gave Jerry Sawyer, 73, a jump-start on managing the symptoms when he experienced them himself.

Aging in Place

May 2, 2014

Adults over 50 are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population and as these adults near retirement, it becomes more likely that they will suffer health problems that may limit their ability to care for themselves. With the help of home safety modifications, regular exercise, and alternative community housing opportunities elderly residents can prolong their independence while living longer and healthier lives.

Recognize Parkinson’s symptoms earlier for longer, happier lives

April 15, 2014

While Parkinson's disease is incurable, early detection of symptoms may lead to a better quality of life. The Texas A&M Health Science Center’s College of Nursing discusses some of these lesser-known early warning signs.

Geriatrics is shaping the future of dental education

September 10, 2013

Access to geriatric dental care is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially since many older Americans are keeping more of their natural teeth.

Medicines react differently as we age

September 6, 2013

For elderly patients, overmedicating can lead to serious health risks and can even make a disease worse. Two of our professors provide tips to ensure patients are given meds that aren’t harmful when combined.