Health Care Team

Taking too many medications at once can be counterproductive (and even dangerous)

January 13, 2017
How ‘polypharmacy’ can lead to drug interactions that may cancel out the beneficial effects, or worse

Crafting an Rx from scratch, just for you

January 6, 2017
The challenges and benefits of compounded drugs and where we go from here

Who’s who in your doctor’s office?

September 29, 2016
A breakdown of the various primary care providers you may encounter

Changing the future of health education with interprofessional collaboration

August 15, 2016
How the Texas A&M University Health Science Center is training future health professionals in ‘team medicine’

Health teams of the future: A look inside the simulation center

October 23, 2015
Real-world training in collaborative care

Piecing together the puzzle: Addressing the primary care shortage

September 15, 2014

Texas A&M Health Science Center is heeding the call to fill the overwhelming primary care gap, not only by producing more primary care physicians and working with partners where possible to develop new residency programs or expand existing ones, but also by extending health care teams through educational programs in nursing and pharmacy and empowering patients through targeted research and outreach programs.