Health Insurance

Assessing the Trump administration’s new health plan

August 20, 2018
Texas A&M health insurance expert evaluates the health care policy

The problem with creating a competitive insurance marketplace

September 28, 2017
It’s all about networks

The American Health Care Act: What happened?

April 4, 2017
The health care reform attempt failed, but it’s hardly the first time

The ACA marketplace: A new public option?

July 18, 2016
Leading health economist weighs in on President Obama’s proposal for a Medicare-like public option on the health care exchanges

Largest Texas health insurer requests to raise premiums on individual policies

June 13, 2016
The only carrier in all of Texas’ 254 counties seeks rate increases in three popular HMO plans

Costly competition? A closer look at the health insurance marketplace

May 5, 2016
What effect will UnitedHealth’s scale back in several states have on your insurance premiums?

Recession ripple effects: More children in CHIP and Medicaid

April 6, 2016
When things get tough, more children get public health insurance and states should be prepared for the increased costs

Millennials and health care: Health insurance

January 28, 2016
Young people find that their options for health insurance have changed—for the better and the worse—since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act

When “access” becomes a barrier: The environment of health care accessibility

December 21, 2015

Unequal access to health care services is a very real problem facing the medical landscape. Health insurance coverage plays a role in this, but many other unusual factors such as having reliable transportation, how we are treated when we walk through the door of a doctor’s office and our own cultural and personal beliefs all impact how and why we seek medical care.

Q&A: What you should know about the ACA’s “Cadillac tax”

September 10, 2015

The Affordable Care Act’s tax on high-cost employer health plans will affect an estimated one in four U.S. employers when it takes effect in 2018 and could jeopardize the ever-popular flexible spending accounts (which lets employees set aside pre-tax money for certain medical expenses).