Health Tips

7 health habits you’re probably doing wrong

May 27, 2016
Simple tasks are a bit more complex than we thought

Is sweating good for you?

May 27, 2016
Yes, but excessive sweating—or not sweating at all—isn’t normal

You Asked: Can the sun make you feel sick?

May 24, 2016
Sometimes, too much sun can give you a ‘hangover’

Type 1 vs. Type 2 diabetes: What’s the difference?

May 23, 2016
Your guide to diabetes and how to prevent/overcome the disease

9 reasons your period is late (if you’re not pregnant)

May 16, 2016
The culprit behind missed periods may be an imbalance in your body

Your guide to sleep disorders

May 13, 2016
Screening for certain disorders may be key in the quest for more rest

Common childhood illnesses and how to spot them

May 12, 2016
What to look for when your child is under the weather

Big data health care revolution: The 7 v’s of big data

May 4, 2016
The future of health care depends all on the numbers

6 weird facts about your body

April 29, 2016
The human body does the strangest things

You Asked: What should I do when meeting someone’s newborn?

April 29, 2016
Health measures you should take and how to help out mom and dad
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