Natural compound in vegetables helps fight fatty liver disease

February 10, 2020
A compound in cruciferous vegetables may help fight fatty liver disease

Collaborative work tackles nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

February 22, 2018
Understanding the mechanism of the development of NAFLD may lead to new prevention and treatment possibilites

Reducing liver fibrosis

November 30, 2017
New study identifies targets to lessen the effects of alcoholic liver disease

Spermidine-rich foods may prevent liver cancer, extend lifespan

April 18, 2017
Recent research from Texas A&M hints at the possibilities of spermidine, a compound found in common foods

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March 21, 2017
Those drinks are scarring your liver

Infographic: Major organs 101

February 28, 2017
Our body—a sophisticated machine—depends on key organs for survival

Hormone shown to be important in liver disease

May 16, 2016
Texas A&M researchers look to secretin as possible liver failure prevention, treatment