No, breast cancer doesn’t go away on its own

May 25, 2017
New study quantifies number of times a cancerous tumor has regressed: The answer is zero

INFOGRAPHIC: Women’s Health

December 15, 2016
Steps to take control of your health.

New mammogram recs: What you should know

November 9, 2015

How different are the new breast cancer screening guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society? Texas A&M professor of radiology explains what the new guidelines say about when women should start having yearly mammograms.

An abnormality was found on my mammogram, now what?

October 16, 2015

Mammograms are an important part in the fight against cancer. For most women, screening is uncomplicated, but a small number of women will be informed an abnormality was found. Texas A&M College of Medicine experts explain what an abnormality could mean and what to expect next.