Is sweating good for you?

May 27, 2016
Yes, but excessive sweating—or not sweating at all—isn’t normal

Using technology to make physicians better decision makers

May 23, 2016
Like everyone else, health care providers fall victim to biased human reasoning, but computers that think like we do might be able to help

You Asked: How does memory work?

May 17, 2016
At the cellular level, it's a lot like faster networking

Hormone shown to be important in liver disease

May 16, 2016
Texas A&M researchers look to secretin as possible liver failure prevention, treatment

Fast Facts: Stem Cells 101

May 11, 2016
“What are stem cells?” you ask. Possibly the coolest—and least understood—cells in the body

Aggie team wins coveted Rice Business Plan Competition

April 26, 2016
Texas A&M M.D. Plus and engineering students won the grand prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition for their 3-D printed prosthetic leg devices

Can a broken heart actually ‘break’ your heart?

April 15, 2016
When your heart breaks, literally

You Asked: What causes déjà vu?

April 13, 2016
Glitches in the brain or a glimpse into the future?

A virtual hospital: How a model can test real-world innovations

April 11, 2016
Researchers use a computer simulation to see how well a hospital emergency room functions—all before it’s built
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