Mosquito-borne virus

Texas A&M launches new Zika-fighting app

October 28, 2016
How Texas A&M is adding a tool to the mosquito control arsenal, encouraging communities to clean up their yards to prevent standing water

Zika in the United States: What you need to know

August 16, 2016
The pesky Zika-carrying mosquitoes are transmitting the virus in the U.S.; here’s what you should know

What you should know about Zika

February 18, 2016
As mosquitoes venture out of their geographical habitat, so do the viruses they carry

Fast Facts: West Nile virus 101

June 3, 2015

The influx of rain this season has caused severe flooding across the Southeast, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma. Rushing water is dangerous, but when water stops moving, it creates the perfect breeding ground for something just as threatening: West Nile virus bearing mosquitoes.

Fast Facts: Five things you need to know about Chikungunya

July 16, 2014

With the several cases of Chikunguna now confirmed in Texas, we checked in with infectious disease expert Dr. Scott Lillibridge, who provided us with the basics of the mosquito-borne viral disease and what preventative measures we can take to keep from becoming it's next victim.