Combating stage fright with music

The stage is set and the instruments are in place. Waiting in the wings, her heart is racing, her hands are trembling and her stomach is nauseous. It is show time. But, this isn’t a concert–it is a simulation. However, the anxiety experienced by some nursing students is similar to what musicians, actors, and athletes feel before playing a musical piece, reciting their lines or running a race.

Sinusitis: What you should know

Sinus infection season is coming, don't let it wreck your plans this fall and winter. Vicky Keys, M.S.N., assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Nursing, comes armed with information and tips on how to get through your worse symptoms.

You Asked: Is hand soap better than hand sanitizer?

With the rise of a population constantly on-the-go, hand sanitizer dispensers have popped up in airports, grocery stores, and even most schools and college campuses–advertising a convenient and fast way to rid your hands of unwelcome germs. But, do they really remove contagions as well as old-fashioned soap and water?

Memory and aging: What’s normal?

As we grow older, our memory doesn't always work the way we would like it to, but where do we draw the line between annoying and concerning? To help clear up the confusion, experts from the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing, explain the differences between normal age-related forgetfulness and when symptoms may indicate a larger health concern.

Health teams of the future: A look inside the simulation center

The physician stands at the foot of the bed helping to deliver a baby. The child’s father sits at the head of the bed, encouraging the mother to “push, just a little more, Mallory, honey.” It’s a scene that plays out at thousands of hospitals across the country every day, but this is different. This is just one of many scenarios conducted at the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s Clinical Learning Resource Center, a 27,000-square-foot, realistic hospital setting equipped with the latest tools and technology to enhance learning.
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