Patient Care

Fighting jaw pain with custom orthotics

October 12, 2018
Texas A&M College of Dentistry's Center for Facial Pain and Sleep Medicine improves patient's jaw pain with custom-made oral orthotic.

When breaking the rules leads to better patient care

June 22, 2015

Professional nursing standards were created to guide patient care services and lay the foundation for best practices. However, health care is unpredictable and not always black and white. What works for one patient, might not work for another. What happens when hospital policies contradict the nurse’s opinion of the right thing to do?

Texas A&M pharmacy students receive national award for patient counseling program

February 9, 2015

Texas A&M pharmacy students were recognized for their medication discharge counseling program at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – Memorial in Corpus Christi, Texas. Students teach patients the appropriate administration of Lovenox, which is used to prevent blood clots, proper use of nebulizers to help with breathing problems, and optimizing medication reconciliation.

Emphasis on personalized care: Calming anxieties benefits dental patients and providers alike

December 17, 2014

An unspoken interaction takes place at the start of nearly every dental appointment. The dental hygienist or assistant brings the patient to the chair, and before it has reclined has already assessed if the patient is feeling talkative, tired or even anxious. In many cases, no words are needed for this exchange.

Taking an active role in your health: How to communicate with your health care provider

November 25, 2014

With any relationship, communication is key—and the relationship with your health care provider is no exception to this golden rule. Understanding and becoming involved with your own health and treatment plan starts with talking to your health care provider. There are several helpful tips you can use to become more involved with your overall health.

Research shows relationships are key to quality of life with multiple sclerosis

June 12, 2014

Nursing faculty member found that if a health care provider-patient relationship was based on mutual respect and collaborative decision-making, it was more likely to ensure effective health outcomes and an improved quality of life.