Precision Medicine

Using statistical methods in the development of precision medicine

July 20, 2017
Novel statistical methods can improve the design and analysis of clinical trials to realize the promise of precision medicine

Helping clinicians make their best decisions

March 31, 2017
How one day technology may help providers diagnose and choose the best treatment

The marriage of public health and preventive medicine: Population health

February 3, 2017
What is population health, and why is it key to health care of the future?

Repairing a broken system: The role of technology

December 11, 2016
How disruptive technologies can help keep the health care team (and the patient) on track

Changing the future of health education with interprofessional collaboration

August 15, 2016
How the Texas A&M University Health Science Center is training future health professionals in ‘team medicine’

The future of drug manufacturing: 3D printing may hold the key

April 14, 2016
How new technology may improve the safety and effectiveness of medications

Precision public health: Ushering in a new era for disease prevention

April 7, 2016
Public health practices no longer a ‘one size fits all’ thanks to emerging technologies

Precision Medicine: Can we afford it? Can we afford not to explore it?

March 4, 2016
Genetically targeting therapies for individual patients is, in theory, a money-saver, but paying for it presents an economic hurdle

What is precision medicine, and why does it matter?

November 13, 2015
On the precipice of changing medical care, physicians will soon be able to choose the appropriate treatment based on patient genome predictions.