Team Medicine

Crafting an Rx from scratch, just for you

January 6, 2017
The challenges and benefits of compounded drugs and where we go from here

Changing the future of health education with interprofessional collaboration

August 15, 2016
How the Texas A&M University Health Science Center is training future health professionals in ‘team medicine’

Preparing for disaster: A real-life catalyst for mass casualty planning

March 24, 2016
Future health care professionals gain valuable experience while dealing with a mock emergency

Interprofessional education: More than learning together

November 13, 2015
An increasingly precarious physician shortage is making the team approach not only best for the health care system, but best for the patient.

Stepping away from the textbook: A team-based approach to medicine

August 22, 2014

As our health care system is transforming, it is important that the way we teach our future health care professionals transforms as well. Interprofessional education and team-based medicine are at the center of a growing movement of collaborative training among health professions students.