You can stand to lose 20 pounds

April 25, 2010

Still trying to succeed in your goal of losing a few pounds? Have you found it difficult to find time to workout when you’re working all day in an office?

According to Jerome Congleton, Ph.D., professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Heath, there’s an easy way to achieve your weight loss goal and maintain an active lifestyle, even if you are stuck in a cubicle.


Standing two hours more each day can really add up in burned calories, Dr. Congleton says. In fact, the average adult could lose up to 20 pounds a year by doing so.

“Standing is something most of us need to do more often,” Dr. Congleton says. “Simply being on your feet energizes your body and mind. Standing up signals the body to use more energy and boosts weight loss.”

One way to encourage standing in an office environment is to rearrange your office and create a bar-like atmosphere with an elevated desk and high chair.

“With your desk adjusted, standing at your desk for a few minutes is easy and something you can easily incorporate into your life,” Dr. Congleton says.

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