COVID-19 Archives

Texas A&M COVID-19 transmission study expands to adults ages 18-29

July 1, 2021
Researchers aim to answer the question of whether vaccinated individuals can still pass the virus on to unvaccinated people

Exploring social identity within the anti-vaccine movement

June 4, 2021
A significant portion of Americans socially identify with the anti-vaxx label, presenting potential implications for public health

Vanishing visitors

May 27, 2021
Researchers investigate decline in emergency department visits during the COVID-19 pandemic

How COVID-19 spreads in health care settings

May 25, 2021
New study examines how long the coronavirus can survive on surface areas and how it spreads from one surface to another

How to handle anxiety about returning to the office after COVID-19

May 20, 2021
And some tips to help children transition back to in-person school

Study shows sharp decreases in childhood vaccination rates in Texas during the pandemic

May 19, 2021
Declines were greatest for 5-month-old and 16-month-old groups, but no decrease was seen in vaccines given at birth

Reliable COVID-19 short-term forecasting

April 15, 2021
New model developed at Texas A&M proves successful in predicting COVID-19 infection rates two to three weeks in advance

Behind the scenes of developing a COVID-19 vaccination online scheduling system

April 12, 2021
It only took eight days for a technology team at Texas A&M Health to develop the Brazos County COVID-19 Vaccination Hub registration system

POV: Let’s slow the downward trajectory of life expectancy in the United States

April 8, 2021
Life expectancy has been slowly declining since 2010, with a one-year drop in 2020
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