COVID-19 Archives

Behind the pandemic, an epidemic worsens

March 5, 2021
While the world focuses on the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing opioid epidemic in America has gotten worse

Texas A&M signs research deal with Matica Biotechnology Inc.

March 3, 2021
Cell and gene therapy manufacturer adds to Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing's array of bio tech partners

Wastewater testing: COVID-19 earliest warning system

February 25, 2021
Environmental chemist reviews new wastewater surveillance method that provides rapid detection of the COVID-19 virus

Urban Americans more likely to follow COVID-19 prevention behaviors than rural Americans

February 24, 2021
First national study found key differences in the rates at which rural and urban Americans wear face coverings in public and work from home.

Meet the new head of COVID-19 efforts at Texas A&M

February 4, 2021
School of Public Health Dean Shawn Gibbs has led national and international research, training and policy related to responses to highly infectious diseases

How health care facilities are staying clean during the COVID-19 pandemic

January 22, 2021
From chemical disinfects, to automated room systems using hydrogen peroxide vapor and ultraviolet light, researchers dig deeper into what works best

Texas A&M System subcontractor begins production of two COVID-19 vaccine candidates

January 12, 2021
Federal government reserved capacity at the FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and Texas A&M facility in College Station through the end of 2021

Why some Americans are hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

January 4, 2021
Study finds likelihood of vaccine refusal highest among African Americans, women and conservatives

Older adults are coping with the pandemic better than younger people

December 18, 2020
In the COVID-19 era, older adults see time differently and are less stressed than other age groups
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