COVID-19 Archives

Why does the COVID-19 virus ‘escape’ from our immune system?

December 6, 2021
New research discovery could lead to development of therapies to prevent COVID-19 virus from proliferating in the human body

What we know about the Omicron variant

December 6, 2021
A Texas A&M epidemiologist says the new variant carries concerning mutations, but when it comes to infectiousness and severity, only time will tell

Researchers found no evidence of in-game COVID-19 transmission in SEC 2020 football season

October 29, 2021
School of Public Health study shows infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can be prevented and monitored during sporting competitions

New, easy-to-use drug could prevent the next global pandemic

October 26, 2021
An inhaled therapeutic developed at Texas A&M has been shown to be effective against most known respiratory infections, including COVID-19

Attitudes toward vaccine travel requirements

October 8, 2021
Study finds that willingness to vaccinate and beliefs that others should vaccinate predict support for federal and international vaccination mandates

Majority of Americans resumed at least one travel or leisure activity before COVID-19 vaccines became available

October 4, 2021
Survey responses show that various factors play a role in the resumption of risky travel and leisure behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic

5 strategies to counter politicized COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

September 21, 2021
Texas A&M researcher, Timothy H. Callaghan, PhD, and colleagues suggest five short-term steps to prioritize health over politics

What is flu season likely to bring in an era of COVID-19?

September 10, 2021
A Texas A&M physician says both flu and COVID-19 vaccines are needed

Dental students join the front-lines administering COVID-19 vaccines

September 10, 2021
College of Dentistry and College of Pharmacy work together to offer a selective course preparing dental students to administer COVID-19 vaccines