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Increased interest in public health leads to need for more faculty

November 30, 2021
Texas A&M School of Public Health embarking on two-year initiative to hire 16 new faculty members and scholars

School of Public Health students named Schweitzer Fellows

November 30, 2021
Awardees will spend a year learning to address the unmet health needs of vulnerable communities

Finding her passion

November 29, 2021
Despite a winding route, S. Camille Peres says she is right where she was meant to be

Analyzing mental health stigma in Latinx/Spanish-language media

November 18, 2021
Better understanding of the portrayal of mental health stigma in Latinx/Spanish-language media is necessary to improve the use of mental health resources in Latinx populations

Doing what he can to change the world

November 12, 2021
Texas A&M doctoral student Md Mahbub Hossain uses multidisciplinary background to tackle health disparities

Your diabetes, your heart

November 10, 2021
With healthy habits and education, diabetes and heart health can be managed

New program shows importance of engaging fathers in childhood obesity interventions

November 9, 2021
New father-focused childhood obesity prevention program for Mexican-heritage families in South Texas showed improvements in healthy habits

New methods to improve analysis of clinical trial data from waterfall plots

November 8, 2021
Study shows new way to use existing data and visualization tools to gain a greater understanding of cancer treatment efficacy in phase II clinical trials

School of Public Health graduate looks to continue breaking molds in environmental health and safety

November 4, 2021
A passion for employee safety and diversity and inclusion has propelled Aja Ladson into a successful global career