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How to talk to your doctor about pain

January 23, 2019
Pain is subjective, so how can you help your provider understand?

Urban-rural disparities in cancer deaths

January 11, 2019
Southwest Rural Health Research Center finds striking disparities in mortality rates from lung, prostate and colon cancer in rural areas

Researchers investigate environmental toxins in low-income community

December 14, 2018
Pilot study serves as an important first step in better determining what health risks the residents of Manchester and other similar communities face

Health delivered a million times over

December 12, 2018
Healthy South Texas makes more than 1 million contacts with health education

From teacher to public health researcher

December 12, 2018
Researching infectious diseases around the world to improve health outcomes in children

Community health events bring awareness to local residents

December 10, 2018
Texas A&M Healthy South Texas provides families with screenings, information and supplies for creating healthier lives

Study shows significant digital divide in China

December 3, 2018
First national-level study on eHealth behaviors in a middle- and low-income country shows health care infrastructure building in underserved communities should be priority

Texas A&M leads International Research Team to get Workers Moving

November 20, 2018
Software-based reminder system found to be effective in decreasing sitting time and increasing the number of position changes during a workday

Students conduct emergency preparedness community assessment

November 19, 2018
School of Public Health students learn community data collection and analysis for disaster situations from inception to conclusion