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Analyzing mental health stigma in Latinx/Spanish-language media

November 18, 2021
Better understanding of the portrayal of mental health stigma in Latinx/Spanish-language media is necessary to improve the use of mental health resources in Latinx populations

New program shows importance of engaging fathers in childhood obesity interventions

November 9, 2021
New father-focused childhood obesity prevention program for Mexican-heritage families in South Texas showed improvements in healthy habits

New methods to improve analysis of clinical trial data from waterfall plots

November 8, 2021
Study shows new way to use existing data and visualization tools to gain a greater understanding of cancer treatment efficacy in phase II clinical trials

Researchers found no evidence of in-game COVID-19 transmission in SEC 2020 football season

October 29, 2021
School of Public Health study shows infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can be prevented and monitored during sporting competitions

New, easy-to-use drug could prevent the next global pandemic

October 26, 2021
An inhaled therapeutic developed at Texas A&M has been shown to be effective against most known respiratory infections, including COVID-19

Attitudes toward vaccine travel requirements

October 8, 2021
Study finds that willingness to vaccinate and beliefs that others should vaccinate predict support for federal and international vaccination mandates

Putting an end to postpartum depression

October 7, 2021
Neuroscientist encourages new moms and those around them to be aware of the symptoms and seek treatment if needed

Majority of Americans resumed at least one travel or leisure activity before COVID-19 vaccines became available

October 4, 2021
Survey responses show that various factors play a role in the resumption of risky travel and leisure behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maternal care in Ethiopia

September 23, 2021
Study findings show need to address cultural traditions and inequities to improve maternal health care service use.
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