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Texas A&M Ergo Center, Nokia team up to improve remote worker ergonomics

June 14, 2022
The two organizations will work together to study optimal methods of training remote workers about ergonomics

Overcoming language barriers in safety training

June 10, 2022
Study looks for strategy to provide more effective and affordable method for company’s safety training needs

Major depressive episodes rising in adolescents, especially minorities

June 6, 2022
Study shows racial and ethnic minority adolescents are more likely to experience major depressive episodes, but less likely to use mental health services

Scientists uncover a key factor in human brain development

June 2, 2022
College of Medicine researchers answer a major question about how the part of the brain that makes humans so intelligent develops

Texas A&M Health faculty rank among top 2 percent scholars worldwide

May 19, 2022
Twenty-six faculty members appear in Stanford University’s “World’s Top 2% Scientists” list

Your dental hygienist might prevent a trip to the emergency room

May 17, 2022
Study shows states with less practice restrictions for dental hygienists had fewer emergency department visits for dental problems

Impact of high deductible health plans on health care utilization

May 16, 2022
Study from School of Public Health finds that lower-salary employees have higher rates of acute care utilization and spending

The pandemic’s negative impact on mental health

May 6, 2022
A review of recent studies shows “a psychiatric epidemic is co-occurring with the COVID-19 pandemic”

Remote work does not negatively impact productivity, study suggests

May 5, 2022
Research examining the effects of workplace displacement after a hurricane offers important insights into employees working remotely
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