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Majority of Americans resumed at least one travel or leisure activity before COVID-19 vaccines became available

October 4, 2021
Survey responses show that various factors play a role in the resumption of risky travel and leisure behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maternal care in Ethiopia

September 23, 2021
Study findings show need to address cultural traditions and inequities to improve maternal health care service use.

Popeye was right: Eating spinach makes you stronger against colon cancer

September 22, 2021
New study shows a diet rich in spinach can significantly reduce the formation of colon tumors

5 strategies to counter politicized COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

September 21, 2021
Texas A&M researcher, Timothy H. Callaghan, PhD, and colleagues suggest five short-term steps to prioritize health over politics

Texas A&M neuroscientists discover possible treatment for victims of chemical warfare

September 15, 2021
The approach might also be beneficial for anyone exposed to lethal chemical agents, including those involved in the pest control and agricultural industries

COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased maternal mortality in Mexico

September 8, 2021
Study shows COVID-19, hemorrhage and hypertension were leading causes of maternal deaths in a one-year period

Research team uses multidisciplinary approach to help reduce human error within petrochemical, oil, gas industries

August 26, 2021
Texas A&M research team receives an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a procedure system based on input from several disciplines

Texas A&M Health receives $5.47 million from Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

August 25, 2021
Awards support research and care in the fight against cancer

Air pollution exposure during pregnancy has long-term impact on children’s health, development

August 24, 2021
Adverse effects from prenatal air pollution exposure include low birth weight, asthma, cognitive and behavioral issues, obesity and diabetes