Health Technology

Advancing telemonitoring technology in Texas

July 31, 2019
Texas A&M researchers from the Health Science Center and College of Engineering teamed up on a report that underscores the importance of telemonitoring technology

Internationally recognized leader to lead EnHealth

November 8, 2017
World-renowned biomedical scholar, NIH executive joins Texas A&M to lead groundbreaking engineering health initiative

Paper, electrons and red tape: Regulatory barriers to adopting health information technology

September 19, 2017
2300 reasons health care hasn’t embraced the digital age

Helping clinicians make their best decisions

March 31, 2017
How one day technology may help providers diagnose and choose the best treatment

Are regulations stalling the future of health technology?

March 8, 2017
The potential of health information technology, and why we’re not there yet

Desks join the internet of things

February 7, 2017
How furniture can make people more active and give researchers a better idea of how to encourage activity

Repairing a broken system: The role of technology

December 11, 2016
How disruptive technologies can help keep the health care team (and the patient) on track

Texas A&M planning to create medical school for physician engineers at Houston Methodist Hospital

June 24, 2016
Program will produce “physicianeers” who will radically change the way that health care is delivered

Could technology replace doctors?

August 27, 2015
The computer will see you now

Can technology transform health care?

August 6, 2014

While technology has revolutionized just about every aspect of our lives – from how we watch movies and listen to music to how we shop and manage our money – health care has lagged behind in its adoption of technology.