Unveiling brain circuits that control addiction

June 24, 2019
Connections in the brain’s striatum point to possible therapeutic targets to curb addictive behaviors

A new way to stop brain cancer

February 18, 2019
Possible new treatment approach for chemotherapy-resistant glioblastoma

Three ways love impacts the brain and body

February 14, 2019
Whether in a long marriage or a new relationship, we explore how love affects the brain and body

Support for brain cancer research

September 17, 2018
College of Medicine professor receives grant from CPRIT to study glioblastoma

Battle Against Brain Cancer

August 20, 2018
Texas A&M researcher conquers new territory

Biological clocks and improving brain cancer treatment

January 9, 2018
The timing of chemotherapy may matter when it comes to treating a certain type of brain cancer

Medicine researchers receive funding for interdisciplinary work

January 8, 2018
College of Medicine researchers receive funding as part of campus-wide initiative encouraging interdisciplinary work

Infographic: Major organs 101

February 28, 2017
Our body—a sophisticated machine—depends on key organs for survival

INFOGRAPHIC: Left brain vs. Right brain

February 9, 2017
Learn the "brainy facts" of both sides.

Zinc might increase risk of seizures, new research says

August 4, 2016
Texas A&M scientists demonstrate that high levels of zinc in the brain can increase seizure risk